the hempolics high

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day and didn’t forget to wear green or else suffer the pinching consequences! To keep in line with the green theme, we decided that the perfect track to feature today is “High & Gritty” by The Hempolics. We love the underground bands who stick to their homegrown sounds, who stick to the roots that made them who they are.

We Sound Strange recently came back from Mexico, so this track definitely rings true to our recent experiences that just pertained while visiting. Lyrics such as, “I asked her what she likes and she says hold me tight” sounds like a pretty nice vacation experience while visiting, be it with a person of the opposite sex or looking to get “High & Gritty“.


The U.K. based band is out to put those organic roots vibes back into music; with their radio-friendly hooks, bumping sound-system bass, and a wanderlust, ineffably real sound that is all their own. “High & Gritty” uses a hip-hop infused percussion to set up the cool vibes of the street, accentuated by rhythmic keyboard delays to add the reggae-smooth feel. We get the ever-pleasing sounds of the muted bass and guitar to keep the dub aspect of reggae alive and well. Lastly, The Hempolics utilize the sound of the saxophone to influence us with the sexy appeal of jazz in their sound. It’s surreal how they put all these sounds together harmoniously, for the keyboard effects that is thrown at you in between gap-fillers really brings it home to get you feeling “High & Gritty”.
We step into the vocals of their enigmatic leader, Grippa Laybourne, who has been carefully honing his craft to be perfectly executed with the support of this dangerously talented team behind him. His voice is distinct with its high-pitch range that is paired well with the delay and echo effects that make you feel you are feeling irie. Take a look at their newly released music video for “High & Gritty” below and tell us how the music makes you feel. Have a safe St. Patrick’s Day tonight!



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