The multi-talented duo Marian Hill have arrived and they’re ready to blow the roof wide open. The duo is made up of Jeremy Lloyd, who is in charge of production, and Samantha Gongol, who is the vocalist. Together, they are the one’s behind the behind the mesmerising, must-see visuals for their smash track “Down”, which features on Apple’s new TV campaign for iPhone 7 & AirPods.


They have a tempting paradox that has a blend of blues and bass, acoustic and digital, classic and modern, and “Down” has caused huge waves since its release. It’s currently #19 on the Billboard Alternative Song Chart and recently one of pop radio’s most added songs in the U.S.

Data is all nice and dandy, but what does this song mean to you? Do you personally like it? Yes, following what’s currently trending is great so that you can be part of the loop of what everyone is talking about and listening to. Don’t force yourself to like it because everyone else does. All any artist can ever ask for is to give their track a listen. We chose this song today to showcase what’s currently trending in the U.S. and although we really love this track, we want you to listen to it if you choose to do so. Just because something is trendy does not mean they are automatically forced to be liked, or even with the complete opposite, it doesn’t mean that it should be disliked.

There is a very famous song by ABBA called “Take A Chance On Me”, it’s a song we absolutely love because it reminds us that we should never write something off because of what other people think is cool or uncool. You may like it or you may not, but it feels good to say that you took a chance and have no regrets on your decision. So, you may like “Down” by Marian Hill or you may not, but you’ll never know unless you take a chance.


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