gold link meditation

Here, at We Sound Strange, we are suckers for an intoxicating beat that just captures our attention. Well, GoldLink is a bold new rapper in the scene that wants to change the way you listen to hip-hop and rap. As a matter of fact, the 21-year-old rapper wants you to categorize his music in a new genre he likes to call Future Bounce. His newest track, “Meditation” is quite the interesting piece of music that falls in line with hip-hop, but it’s quite deserving of it’s new life in Future Bounce


The sound in “Meditation” is heavily weighted with poly-rhythmic sounds that come together to form a harmonious sound. Think about it. You get the sound of muted Congo drums that are surely dipped in the pool of African-Caribbean culture. This is all cut with mixes of nostalgic 90’s hip-hop and R&B that circulates around the circadian drops of EDM.

Here is something else to wrap your head around this strange new phenomenon. GoldLink has only been rapping for 3 years; his raps are calculated, tackling the verse with a roller-coast delivery. He may be new to the rap game but he isn’t afraid to step outside the boundaries of comfort and attack issues in social and cultural injustices. Want another curveball thrown at you? Many rappers name hip-hop stars of past generations as the reason they started to rap. Nope, not GoldLink. Some of GoldLink’s influences are Pink Floyd, Grimes, and Edgar Allan Poe. It takes a creatively brilliant mind to find influence from a unique mind like Edgar Allan Poe’s.

“Meditation” serves this generation right as it can be taken as a new meditative path as the beat will get you in a trance, and his lyrics will get you thinking of topics you never thought you’d come across. If you want to hear for yourself exactly what we’re talking about, listen to “Meditation” below and give us your thoughts.


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