teemid child

2017 is already full of surprises but heck, what’s another one. People love surprises, right? Teemid is coming full-throttle onto the scene as this French producer unleashes on you his love for Deep House sounds and original vocals. Gasp! Original vocals?! Yup, the vocals in “Childhood” are completely original and yup, you guessed it, it’s a Deep House track. 


Many of his musical influences include: Nu Disco, Pop, and electronic sounds like those from Flume, M83, or even Jay-Z! After many years of being a DJ for a private club, Teemid has decided to invest in studio equipment to create his own music. Also, he has an affinity for making covers and remixes as his first one was Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes. The vocals were being provided by Holly Henry, in which she was a contestant on The Voice, Season 5. Nevertheless, he’s just excited to see us as listeners excited to move to the music he makes and dance to it on the dance floor.

Childhood” is one of those tracks that uses the organic sounds of instruments such as the guitar, percussion, and keyboard. It makes us feel as if the instruments are being played right in our building. The guitar’s melody are just too intoxicating as they coincide so perfectly with the other instrument’s melodies, even at times providing a perfect harmony. You’ll know what we mean as soon as you listen to it. It’s just one click away below.


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