kayliox and castnowski

Ever had the wrong first impression on someone who ended up being one of your best friends? We are guilty of this as we assumed Kayliox & CastNowski were not a duo that we were going to like because of the smugness we got from Kayliox in one of his photos. How wrong were we. “Hold Me Back” is one of the tracks that really goes to show us how outgoing and great this duo is. They are just people who like to have a good time while they perform as they watch their fans have as great of a time as they’re having. 


The Kayliox sound is all about house vibes, which we bring in CastNowski and we see how it got into Deep House. They both tend to flirt with the sound of pop and bass. They are delivering a high-energy, groovy and unique sounds that really get the people on their feet and moving to the beat of their music. These two are definitely rising artists who have loads of potential to reach for the moon. Imagine, having the first set to be played on the moon. Ok, we went off on a tangent there but nonetheless, these two are absolutely amazing in their own right, but together, seem like an unstoppable force.

Make way as “Hold Me Back” does the opposite of what the title says because we want this track to blow up to get the whole world, maybe moon, grooving to the music of Kayliox & CastNowski.


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