skip marley

People need a voice, need to have someone that actually listens to our concerns. We may be shouting at the top of our lungs to be heard but there is hardly anyone listening. We need someone who shares our concerns, a public figure that understands the struggles of everyday people. Skip Marley has chosen to be the voice as he unveils the new anthem for us to sing along to, “Lions“. 


For this blog post, we really want to focus on the lyrics of this track, as we believe it has a very strange message that people need to listen and take it to heart. “Hates been winning but the lovers ain’t done” is as blunt as Skip gets. We’ve all seen the posters, we’ve all seen the violent acts, but why hasn’t love truly trumped hate yet. The thing is, when there are two sides, it automatically breeds conflict as we must choose a side to be on. If mutual respect overtook all the hate, love would be able to conquer, at the very least, bring civility back to human kind.

The chorus is the proclamation from Skip that we the people, “We are the lions, we are the chosen, we’re going to shine out the dark. We are the movement. This generation, you better know who we are”. As we are also millennials, we’ve felt the constant hurt that is thrown our way from generations past. We are told we are a disgrace, good for nothing, lazy; so much hate being spread to people who are supposed to lead this world to a brighter future. As he stated earlier, love will soon rise again to overcome the evil that is shown. We all should take blame instead of passing the buck, let’s work together to rise above the obstacles of life. Anything is possible when we’re united, not separate.

Be sure to check out the new music video for “Lions” by Skip Marley and see what we mean. Come to your own conclusion about what this song means to you and let us know!


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