It’s Tuesday, the work week is still in it’s first half and we can’t see the weekend any time soon. You can get that slumping feeling out of here once you listen to “Pray For Me” by MiKel as they get your adrenaline pumping to the maximum. 

Mikel is a duo group that definitely bring a fresh twist to what you classify as EDM and they aren’t afraid to step out of the boundaries to show you what they mean. By harboring and implementing all that natural talent, all that raw energy that needs an escape; through the use of live instruments to create an organic sound that is truly unique from all the production that’s overly mixed, overly synthesized, and just plain computerized. Yes, you can say that all music is electronically made with computers but the sound can definitely be organic, it can be pure coming from the instruments it was first intended to come out of.

In “Pray For Me”, we can actually depict the authenticity in each of the instruments played. From the simple click during the first verse to the keyboard in the first drop.

We must mention the potential in singer/pianist, Kelsi. She is masterfully skilled with the piano that she’s actually a teacher to other aspiring artists. When you pair such a passion for music and such rigorous training to develop your skills to become the best that you can be, the possibilities are endless to create something magical. MiKel give you just a taste of what the future holds for this aspiring duo. Listen to “Pray For Me” below.


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