Dance, go out and dance with the musical notes as you float with the wind. Take into account every single sound the music gives you. Go on and feel, really feel the music flow through your veins. Eva & The Oak really make you feel like you are one with your body, mind and soul with their new EP, “Floriography”. The date the EP is set to be released is March 15, but you can already listen to tracks through her soundcloud account.


This young band out of Boston unite their folk roots with Indie/Alternative influences. Dark and dreamy, they spark a reminiscent calm within the listener powered by ethereal vocals, haunting guitar progressions, layers of rhythm, and blankets of texture. Our description of this band may be a lot to take in from face value but we urge you to listen and come up with your own set of descriptions of what you feel this music means to you . That is what music is supposed to anyway, make you feel some sort of way. Here’s another example: natural, branching, beautiful, and grounded, Eva & The Oaks tells a tale fit for its namesake.


The River” has to be our favorite tune from the EP as it has it all: wonderfully deep lyrics, great guitar chord progressions, catchy guitar lead melodies, the ethereal vocals we mentioned earlier, enticingly harmonies provided from the backup vocals, and the sensation of purity. As any river, the flow stay consistently flowing in one direction and no one can change its destiny, it stays pure and true. Oh, did we forget to mention the keyboard is also being utilized to provide support to the guitar melodies? It’s just an all-around great song that truly embodies what folk/indie/alternative music strives to achieve. Be prepared to lose yourself in the soundwaves of Eva & The Oak’s new EP, “Floriography”.


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