The City Of Sin has produced some great bands throughout the years, most notably, The Killers. Well, The Psyatics hope to achieve the same success by putting out killer tracks and memorable performances. This 3-piece garage, surf and noise band formed in 2012. They combine a raucous rock and roll with dissonant chording, jagged grooves and biting lyrics.


This is the 3rd full-lenght album that launches into rock n’ roll overdrive on its very first song, “Famous Monsters”, which happens to be about history’s most infamous serial killers. For the most part, theirs is a driving punk-influenced style, with shouty vocals displaying a vaguely manic edge, which proves the ideal vehicle for the dark, obsessive and at times outright crazed lyrics. They bring some old-fashioned rock n’ roll action to the table, while a sax is paired with jittery, stuttering guitar line jammed over a funk-tinged and tight as hell groove.
We absolutely love that they take their delivery cues from such acts as: Iggy Pop and The Stooges, The Hives, The Cramps, and Gang of Four. Even if you can only get as close as being one-third like Iggy Pop, you’re way ahead of the curve because no one will ever be like Iggy. “Famous Monsters” is a great album that deserves a lot more recognition and even though it may have been out for a while doesn’t mean this album is any less kick ass. Give it a whirl and let us know what you think.

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