Every so often, there comes a track that just completely blows your mind. It’s a brand new style that you haven’t heard before, yet there’s a bit of familiarity in it. Cali De La Rosa has been compared to other acts such as Kylie Minogue, Lana Del Rey, Bruno Mars, and a little sprinkle of Daft Punk. Take a minute to soak that in. Imagine this being a cauldron and each of these artists were a potion that you dunk in to create some kind of super human. Well, at least in our heads, Cali De La Rosa is the creation of such mix of magical potions.


Summer Baby” combines the Pop electronics of today with Nu Disco vibes from the Studio 54 nights of yesteryear’s past. Her smokey and soulful voice mixed with her glamorous visuals of sweet femininity are creating a new wave of unique artistry and club sounds bound to get you groovin’. Her vocals in this track are just electric that blends so well with all the mixing from the instruments; truly feeling that this production was perfectly blended with the vocal talent of Cali De La Rosa. It’s as if there are 3 different songs playing a third in this one track. Yes, each sound has the capability of seceding and becoming its own unique track. This just gives further praise to the production genius. ¬†Transport your mind to Studio 54 by listening to “Summer Baby” by Cali De La Rosa.

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