Andrew Goldring, a Utah-based songwriter, opens up his single “Cosmic Dance” with a fresh and familiar sound. How so? Well, take a look at just some of the influences that Andrew names that have made a significant impact in his music career. His two main ones are: Neil Young and Ryan Adams. These two are really  heavy hitters in songwriting, so we can see the similarity; familiarity.

He steps out of his comfort zone in this one by painting a lush soundscape with lo-fi vocals, fuzzy guitar leads, and dreamy Rhodes piano. Backed by an evolving group of talented friends – or sometimes by himself with a guitar and a bass drum, he’s brought his songs to venues all over the west. Andrew has shared the stage with Joseph Arthur, Margaret Glaspy, The Appleseed Cast, and many other national acts. We know he is seasoned but he is ready to spread his wings as a solo artist and endure the tough road ahead.

In June 2016, Andrew released his last EP, “Heritage” which SLUG magazine praised as “the singer/songwriter we know and love”.  Andrew mixes in the coolness and edginess of a more recent alternative releases like Turnover and Into It. “Cosmic Dance” is definitely a track you can find losing yourself into as it is that mesmerizing of a tune without all the dramatic effects. It’s just you and the music, coexisting as one for the moment. Take a chance and listen to “Cosmic Dance” by Andrew Goldring.


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