2017 finally has its perfect song for us young guns to bump in our rides as we cruise down Main Street. We understand, the lot of us don’t own a Chevy Impala and are not in the vicinity to drive down Crenshaw Blvd. but we make do with what we have. For us, you can catch us cruising down Sunset Strip in the night hours to “Ryd” by Steve Lacy.


Immediately within the opening chorus he sets the tone of what the song is about. “Girl, I want you to ride with me. Baby, ride on me”. It tells the quick story of a young cat who’s just driving down the block looking for a quick honey to ride with him and have a quick ride with him. It allows us to reminisce of Ice Cube’s classic track, “It Was A Good Day” as he also told us a story of a good day waking up in the CPT. How coincidental that Steve Lacy is also from the CPT and we see a day in the life of this up-and-coming rapper.

We take a quick glance into the production of the track as it’s as smooth as molasses. We see the famous guitar chords that Steve Lacy loves to incorporate in many of his tracks. The guitar is slightly manipulated to a flange but not too much as to dramatize it. We listen to the percussion that stays consistent through the entire verse and chorus, not changing one beat, which gives the smooth vibe that doesn’t go off rhythm. The very simple bass to emphasize the guitar chords for an extra bump but again, nothing drastic about it. This track is as cool and breezy as they come. Take a ride out tonight with the windows down and the breeze hitting your smile as you bump “Ryd” by Steve Lacy.



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