The Reason is another Scottish band that made its debut earlier this year and we have the honor in being one of the chosen few to review their new EP, “Initiation“. We’ll tell you this, for now, it’ll be our little secret of this newly discovered Alternative Rock band that we get to enjoy for a bit longer until they blow up.  The Reason hails from Glasgow, where it currently reigns as the music scene of Scotland due to the it being the national cultural hub.


Let’s begin with “For Her“, as we know every album has at least one song about a girl because let’s face it, women make the world go ’round. The lyrics are very underrated as “For Her” is an irresistible woman that has it all, an intimidating woman that every man feels out of her league. The lyrics are paired with uncanny guitar melodies that takes a very special musical ear to come up with and play. It has such patterns that seem as if they shouldn’t revolve around each other but the string bends and strums go along perfectly in harmony. “What We Do” is another guitar-centered tune that is sure to be the two favorites for guitar fans around like ourselves; it has the raw Metal feel, combination and sound.

For a more controlled tone, not necessarily soft, we listen to “Joie De Loin“, which contains very basic chords that guitar fellows can follow along with. It’s quite a simple song but it has the vibe of a love ballad, for a woman that is incomparable. This one is just as sweet as “For Her” but with more emphasis on the vocals and lyrics. The drummer keeps the steady beat to go along with the chord progression.

Their EP “Initiation” is available on their Spotify and iTunes. We are so very privileged to be one of the first to review it and we hope that someday soon we can see them travel across the seas to put on an epic show here in Los Angeles. For now, Spotify will have to do. Check it out below.



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