Fern’s Gospel come onto the scene with guns blazing hot as they prepare to set the music world on fire with the release of their debut album, “The Cannonball“. Now, you may be inclined to label them an Alternative Rock band, but make no mistake they want to be known by much more. They bring a clash of genres that come with addicting vocal hooks, progressive guitar sections, and a very unique style that blends pop, folk, and rock. Although the songs may be diverse, they still have the connection and glue that keeps the central theme together. 


Let’s introduce this Seattle-based band with our personal favorite track from the album, “Like An Orange”. It begins with a very deaf bell, the kind of bell only rung when something horribly wrong is about to happen. Then enters the rhythmic acoustics to mend our anxiety for a bit. Follow that with a psychedelic sound from the vocals that  use a lot of flange to further psyche us out. As the perfect moment creeps, the power of the guitar strums heavily to set the tone of imbalanced anxiety. We love the edge they bring in this track, along with the unpredictability of the progression. Which, in turn, reminds us plenty of their next track, “Death By Serif”. It has a lot of the same chord progression and set up as “Like An Orange” but with emphasis on the lead guitar as it is showcased here.

In terms of percussion, we really enjoyed “Porter Cell” because we felt the drummer is able to shine as he changes pace constantly with each progression into different complex beats. Also, we can also see the talent he has with the quickness in his wrists to really pound the drum with speed to replicate the drum roll during the verse of the song. As far as “”Russina” goes, this is the instrumental track that really shows the chemistry of this band as they play beautifully with each other. It’s as if it’s a jam session and this is what they came up with, utter blissful coexistence. We can play “Russina” over and over again with the lights off and the moon shining through the shades. Give “The Cannonball” a listen and you’ll count your lucky stars that you were able to find such a great young band before their heyday. If you’d like to download their album for free, follow the link to their website below. For now, here’s a teaser from one of their songs, “Death By Serif”.





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