This is gold, Jerry, gold! For any of you who know the popular 90’s sitcom Seinfeld, you know exactly where that phrase comes from, Kenny Bania. If Bania were to listen to this 25-minute sound collection of Glitch Hop from Phibes, he’d definitely say this is also gold. “Ain’t No Thing” is what every Glitch Hop fan would ever dream for, or even ask for as a Christmas gift because you can just pop it on and know the next 25 minutes are going to be pure magic.

This collection has everything from original mixes to remixes. Some aren’t even remixes but uses sound bites from other famous tracks. For example, it one section of the mix he uses the famous melody that Kanye West used for his most famous track, Gold Digger. He uses Jamie Foxx’s talented vocals to set up the Glitch Hop beat. Phibes doesn’t just stop there, he also uses Ludacris’ voice to set up yet another section of the mix for a different beat.

How can we forget about the Jazz influence that goes on around in Glitch Hop. We get the piano melodies that make everyone want to swing and dance like they’re living in their reality of The Great Gatsby. Add plenty of horn sections to give you that New Orleans feel during Mardi Gras and you have a care-free feeling going about you. Basically, this is the purpose of a good party, letting loose of all your inhibitions and releasing that inner party animal. Oh, did we forget to mention that they also dabble in mixing Mambo? Phibes is on a roll and cannot be stopped.

Now, let’s get into the bread and butter of Phibes. These are two bass driven brothers who love nothing more than in-your-face type of bass that you can’t escape from. Viola, we get the 25-minute release of stress and welcomed into a new dimension of Glitch Hop. As Bania said, “This is gold!”. Enjoy “Ain’t No Thing” below and let us know how you felt about this mix.


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