February 22 cannot come any sooner! Joey Pecoraro releases “Curl Up In A Ball” to cling to until the date arrives. If you’ve heard some of the music that Joey has made in the past, you know that it’s something that ranges in style but the overall atmosphere that he creates ultimately stays the same. 

As we use this recent track as an example, it keeps the ambient chill vibe that Joey usually incorporates in his tracks. As we’ve stated earlier, there is usually a small subtle difference in each to make you keep coming back for more. “Curl Up In A Ball” incorporates Jazz and Electronic music to create this stress-free vibe. We say stress-free because it doesn’t do too much where you really have to pay attention to really capture the essence. It uses a beautiful saxophone for one melody but then jumps to the rhythmic sounds of the keyboard to keep the vibe flowing. Make no mistake, there is also a guitar in there to provide another melody but not so forefront as the sax. The sound of the guitar is that of the blues guitar with difficult picks and hammer-on techniques; we wish we can get a sec of Joey’s time and ask if all the sounds are created organically by him.

We know, we know, it’s only 4 more days until the album release, but it honestly feels like an eternity. Oh well, guess we’ll be playing “Curl Up In A Ball” on repeat for the next 96 hours until then. Check it out below and tell us how you like it.


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