We understand, it’s a school and work night and we are asking way too much of you all to “Stay Up Late” with us as we bring you this new Dance track from Monsieur Adi ft. RED. Don’t you just love a play on words! Nevertheless, the groove of this song can get you feeling like time doesn’t exist, the feeling of the moment overtakes the feeling of time. Yes, we are describing time as something that can be felt, that can be touched, but also taken.

When you look at time as something that is counting against you, it becomes just that, something negative that is against you. “Stay Up Late” has you looking as time as a made up word, a word created to put things into a realm that we can understand. Music and “Stay Up Late isn’t something you NEED to understand; it’s not something that needs an explanation. All it needs to make you feel is just that, make you FEEL that you and the music are in sync. Dance the night away, slip into a new reality, or just empty your mind, but know that all you really NEED is yourself and the way YOU want to be feeling. SO, never mind the word play; listen to “Stay Up Late” and feel what you want to feel.



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