Be prepared to get your ears ringing because the only way to listen to The Novacs is with the volume turned all the way up. The Novacs were one of the very first artists we’ve had the pleasure to work with and they come back with another smashing track, “Olivia“. Before we ever hit the play button we knew, we knew this was going to be another one of our personal favorites since “Found” was so damn epic. 


This young band from Scotland is ready to explode, These high school teens formed to have so some fun and just cover songs of their favorite bands. This quickly became something much more serious since they found out that they were actually pretty freaking good. Reiss Harrison has such a distinct voice that isn’t heard anymore, a true rock n’ roll voice. It’s the type of voice that if you ever heard it again you’d be yup, that’s Reiss. Let’s move over to Sam Cane and Ewan Mcdonald; they share the guitar and bass duties in the band, having the spotlight shine down on each of them as they are both equally talented. Just listen to the guitar playing in “Olivia“, perfect synchronization between them. They sure know how to make that guitar cry. Last, but certainly not least, we have Andrew Haxton, the eccentric drummer who can’t stop drumming. Every bang, bigger and louder than the next; get the feeling that he’s pounding the rhythm of your heartbeat.

“Olivia” is heavy enough to headbang to, but soft enough to vibe out to as well. The harmonies between the guitar and the vocals really get you under a spell. Those bridge guitar melodies provide the angst that every rock n roll song needs. If you haven’t heard “Olivia” yet, do yourself a favor and catch this wave before everyone rides along.


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