It’s the weekend, you’re chillin’, you’re looking for some great tunes to vibe out to but you’re stumped. We have a solution for you. This is something you’ve never heard before and you’ll be one of the lucky few to say you discovered this gem before anyone else. We present you with Role Model and his dope track, “Cocaine Babe”.


We know what you’re thinking, “Cocaine Babe“, you figured it might be something hardcore or at the very least, some very heavy lyrics to get you deep into thought. Well, let me give it to you like this, this track only needs an acoustic guitar, background keyboard synths,  a simple drum pattern and some really easy-going vocals to make you feel swift. It’s pretty straightforward while at the same time quite deep, if you want it to be. It’s all left to interpretation, which is what the best stories do, leave it to the imagination of the reader/listener.

Our favorite detail of this track is how raw and organic it is, it’s extraordinary without ever wanting to be. Want a good example of what we’re talking about? Listen to any song from Beck, the 90’s Indie star with the hit, “Loser”; he’s the opposite of what he shaped out to be but when there is so much creativity and talent, it difficult to contain it. We are so excited for Role Model and the journey he is about to embark on because this song shows so much potential. We are hopping on the trunk and going along with the ride. Take it easy this weekend and step away from the gossip and how Role Model says, “Wake up and smell the roses baby, instead of that cocaine”.  Here’s “Cocaine Babe” to numb the pain. 


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