Let’s get the Future Bass train running full steam ahead because we have Slyboots bringing in the ever-so-talented Louis Torre to feature in this really sick track, “Hit & Run”. You ask yourself, why did they just make the analogy of a train picking up steam? Well, for every artist, there is just one track, one track that can change everything. As for the genre, this is not your typical Future Bass, this hits with some Hard Rock but also a sense of chill vibes. There are so many different layers to this track that we feel it can propel Slyboots and “Hit & Run” to all across the globe. Right off the bat, we get the chill synthesizers that keep the waves coming in to set up the Future Bass tempo. Once it starts to pick up, it goes on full speed when the electric guitar comes in with a sick solo that slowly builds up as well to so very intricate riffs and guitar picking. We are blown away here by this composition. Hop on board because this train is not stopping anytime soon.


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