You may remember long ago, one of our first ever features for We Sound Strange were our good friends, New Mystics. They now give us a fresh new outlook on the new New Mystics. We love their track “Sparrows” last month, but now they amp it up with a jolt of Alternative Rock as they just released yesterday “Modern“. 


You may be thinking to yourself, “Hey, why release on a Tuesday?”. Well, for one, who doesn’t love Taco Freaking Tuesday, and two, that’s the point of New Mystics changing things up. This young band wants to keep you guessing, want to keep the sense of unpredictability for the listeners. We all love spontaneity, surprises are everyone’s best friend. Think about it, Valentine’s Day is coming up and no one wants to know what to expect on that day, they want to swept off their feet with romanticism. It’s the exact same rationing, New Mystics are so well diverse and so musically talented that allow them to expand their musical horizons.

If you want to spice it up and change the routine, listen to the New Mystics’ unexpected release of “Modern“. Heck, just don’t expect them to return to the old New Mystics on a Flashback Friday. Also, if you get the chance and happen to be in Los Angeles, check them out February 21st at The Bootleg Theater.


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