We are glad you have made it this far. We must admit ourselves, we got lost as we gazed upon the visual art of Giiana and her EP, Paradise. This EP is only 3 songs but when these 3 songs are such masterpieces, it makes the 10th time feel just like the first time. Oh boy, wouldn’t everyone wish they felt the way they felt the first time in many aspects of their life.

Let’s begin with “Paradise”; the track creates an ambient atmosphere, a cloud nine type of reality. The soft melodies created from a simple xylophone mock, the sounds of scratching vinyls, in a repetitive nature to keep the ears at ease. That’s pretty much what paradise is for people, a place where they can feel at ease. The percussion is lead by a tambourine and a clap, it can’t get much simpler than that. Of course, the heavenly vocals that we expect from Summer Soul to add the finishing touch.

Now “Nostalgia” is a different story with the same narrative. It uses the same style as paradise but adds synthetic waves to keep the rhythm afloat, kind of like an R&B sensation. By keeping the waves in a reverb sound makes it seem as if the sound is much further than it really is; nostalgic memories that seem so far when we look upon it. The times we had as a child brings back fun memories; GiiANA plays it perfectly as the sound of children echo softly in the background of the beat.

The EP finishes of with the same chill vibe but more upbeat to replicate a Deep House dance mood. “Murmur” was the perfect fitting as GiiANA basically does just that as she sings her lyrics, even mixing in a deeper sound to her vocals to make it more difficult to understand. No intricate drops but consistency is key when thinking of each of these 3 tracks. Paradise did in 3 songs what it sometimes takes other artists 10, to get your intentions of the album across to your listener. Paradise doesn’t take much because we are creators of our own. GiiANA just simply wanted to paint you a picture of hers, metaphorically and literally. Enjoy the Paradise below!


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