This dope reggae band started out back in 2009 playing in backyard parties for family and friends, singing many of their now classic tracks like “Burn One”. Now, they are steadily rising into the legendary status like Sugar Minott and Eek-a-mouse.  Fortunate Youth may be away right now but they know where home is and will always be welcomed back with open arms. Fortunate Youth comes from our town back in Hermosa Beach California, smack dab in the heart of the South Bay and “Left My Love In California” makes us think of all the good times we shared with all the people we loved.
“Living a moment ‘til it fades away” is my favorite line throughout the song because it is something we constantly forget to do. We are so focused on the future, worried about what others might think, so we try to put up a front through a camera lens instead of enjoying the moment. The music video that was just released on YouTube is a walk down memory lane for anyone that calls Cali home, where every sunrise is just as beautiful as yesterday’s. This is a classic Fortunate Youth track that gets you vibing with the cool breeze of muted guitars and classic keyboard harmonies. The rocksteady rhythm of a smooth muted bass line as the guitar strums that too cool for school reggae strum.

Having the fortune of catching this band live is such a euphoric experience because they bring so much energy to every show; yes, we’ve seen them more than once, ok, more than 5 times! If you have the chance to catch them during their Spring tour, trust us, you will not regret it. For now, here’s a teaser. Check out Fortunate Youth’s “Left My Love In California” below and tell us you didn’t get chills listening to it.


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