What is your first initial thought when someone utters the words “Let’s rock this joint!”? For us, we immediately drop everything that we are doing and just start dancing wildly like nobody’s business. This phrase was the first thing that came into our mind when we first listened to “Jumper“. A fantastic collaboration from two distinct DJ’s in WBBL and Howla.

This track has the zip of a House track but the fantastic groove of an Electro Swing. The distorted bass gives it a heavy sound but it’s not like that at all, in fact, it’s probably the complete opposite. “Jumper” gets you in the party mentality. Refer back to the phrase, the way this track begins is with the drums you would hear in a Swing speakeasy club in the Roaring 20’s. Think Great Gatsby and you’ll understand exactly what I’m talking about. Everyone knows they are doing something illegal but the thrill is too much excitement to pass up. Add in the horn section and you have all the making of a modernized Jazz/Swing track. As we mentioned before, the pairing with the distorted melodic bass is what really makes this track quite unique. Remember, if you hear these words, “Let’s rock this joint”, you know exactly what to do. Pop in “Jumper” by WBBL x Howla below.


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