The Swiss-based DJ and producer is back and better than ever. Nora En Pure has been big in the club scene since 2009 and she has her sights set for even bigger venues. This is the perfect song to try out the reverse psychology theory. Instead of trying to convince us as fans to love her and her music, her track “Make Me Love You” is exactly that, have us the fans make her want to love us. The young South African knows how great she is at what she does, so she doesn’t need to convince us anymore of her talent, why should she love us. Well, damn, let’s give her many reasons by showing her our endless support with every download, ever fist pump, every robot dance, every adoring yell, let’s show her our unconditional love. Add “Make Me Love You” on the list of great House tracks of 2017 so far. Her melodies are so authentic, so enchanting, her sound is just so sensual and provocative that it’s intoxicating. Revel in the enchantment by listening to “Make Me Love You” below.


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