slynkDaaaaamn, let’s get funky! Call up the “Disco Operator” and tell ’em that it’s time to get a groove on! Slynk brings you what you’ve been missing. Yes, a long time ago, Disco was changed forever when they told the white guy to play that funky music, and when the Red Hot Chili Peppers revolutionized funk rock, but Slynk wraps all that together and then some. Add in some old-school funk like Zapp and Roger, man, it’s like 1975 back in Studio 54 when all you saw were silk shirts, platform shoes, and the swagger of the Boogie Man. We get a clash of old and modern funky bass, attached to the bass-heavy vocals, and Oooo that funky rhythm guitar. Strut your stuff as this week is just on it’s way to getting started and let the funk lead you to the promise land aka The Weekend. Slynk, you sly devil you, do yo thang and get those trumpets poppin’ as we put our stunna shades on under the lights. WeSoundStrange, out.


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