The Tribal Seeds are currently playing their music throughout the country as they promote their new album that is still in the works. As of now, nothing has been released; there is only a teaser of their new single “Rude Girl“, which is only about one minute and a half in length. This fourth album has been widely anticipated, especially throughout Southern California, where the Tribal Seeds originally came from. Chula Vista to be specific. We are currently in talks of getting the album before the release to give an appropriate album review on it’s release date but for now, this “Rude Girl” teaser is just enough to fulfill our Tribal Seeds’ needs. We are definitely excited because this track is on it’s way as being just as recognizable as their other hit track, “The Harvest”, “Vampire” and so on. They have also incorporated the horn section for this album and as we have witnessed on their tour, the horn section is traveling with them on tour. What an experience for any that attends. We leave you now with the “Rude Girl” teaser below and let us know if your are just as giddy with excitement as we are.


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