Orlando seems to be producing the dopest rappers nowadays; we should know, we were out in Orlando for most of 2016. It’s a new year and full of new experiences but we are glad to be showcasing a new up-and-comer in Kese. We are excited to be one of the first to listen to his new single, “On Me’, which right off the bat caught our attention. For one thing, the hook of the song reminds us of an old Jeremih and 50 Cent song called Put It Down On Me. That was a hit, look at what it did to Jeremih’s career, it skyrocketed.
Kese hopes this single can do the same for him. The beat is prototypical but it has many different sounds coming together. The percussions stay consistent throughout the song to keep this young rapper’s flow altogether. No change during the chorus either. There is a lack of bass but that’s his focus, it’s the coming together of all the melodies. It sounds like it should be a disaster but it actually ties in very well. As for the lyrics, it’s nothing special as we should expect with the title but it’s catchy, and that’s it’s main catch. The flow is simple enough to sing along too and it seems as if that was the point of the song, for the fans to be able to sing along while it bumps in the club. Do you agree or have a different thought? Listen below and let me know what you think


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