Ever done the experiment as a kid where you touch a static ball with your fingers and then all your hairs stand up almost instantaneously? Well, if you haven’t, we give you the next best alternative. We have a new Monstercat release of Aero Chord’s Resistance“. It is 3 minutes of jaw-dropping, head-exploding music that will make all the hairs on your body stand. Yes, those too, you dirty-minded person that we have now found something in common with. This track is utter chaos controlled under Aero Chord with many instruments coming together in a stampede to take your ears to eargasmic heaven. Two very distinct drops that not even Superman can replicate when he flies. We will no longer do the talking for the track because this track does it’s own walking; it walks the path of disastrous tribulation. We mean that in a good way. Join the “Resistance“.


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