It’s Taco Tuesday ladies and gentlemen; what better way to eat your tacos and drink your margarita than doing it beachside. Well, many of us don’t have the luxury of living near the beach but here’s the next best thing. Ehrling releases the track that can chill the mightiest flames, “You and Me” can make you feel as if the ocean breeze is hitting you across the face.

We have the piano coming in it’s purest form to provide the soothing background sound that prepares you for relaxation. Then we have the many different percussion sounds that this young artist uses to keep it low and exciting. The percussions are so organic that we feel we can clap along and add to the rhythm of the music. We have the xylophone paired up with a set of strings to add in the melody. As you have taco on one hand and your drink on the other, close your eyes and imagine the waves crashing right in front of you while the sand finds its way to the crevice of your toes. Your imagination is your ticket to a different world and Ehrling provides you the background music with “You and Me“.


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