mark tarmonea.jpg

It’s been a while since we’ve posted a Deep House track, so we decided to go with Germany’s favorite son, Mark Tarmonea. He provides all the nice guys in the world a new anthem to give them hope when it comes to being with the girl of their dreams someday. “This Guy” proves that nice guys don’t always finish last.

What isn’t to love about Mark, he’s got all the tools of the trade that makes him the complete package. He’s a Producer, DJ, Singer and Songwriter; he’s a one-man band that makes the noise of 5 men. This track in particular shows off his abilities as a songwriter because these lyrics ring true to all the men out there who see their dream girl with the guy who doesn’t treat her as the queen she is. In addition, his vocals do not need to go high and low to show off his skill but he knows the perfect tone to keep the song about the message, even providing his own background vocals. As for production, he keeps the essence of Deep House music but adds a spice of acoustic guitar to provide the melody to accompany the deep bass. Yes, the bass heads can headbang to this tune. Sing your new anthem with Mark Tarmonea fellas, “This Guy” will eventually get you the girl.


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