Andrew Luce steps to challenge The Weeknd as the go-to music for that mood-setting type of night. “What You Need” is exactly what you want to be putting on when the night is young and you’re with a special person and just want to live the night with utmost passion. The baby-making music that is a surefire to strike the mood, heck, it may even light up the candles without you even having a lighter. Now, we are all for having a good time but please be smart with safe sex. We don’t take responsibility for accidental pregnancies so don’t expect us to help you with child support payments in the future. On a brighter note, Andrew Luce really taps into his max potential when it comes to vocal range, going from high to lows in a matter of milliseconds. It’s amazing how much control he has over the rawness of this track. Let “What You Need” speak for itself when you put it on this Saturday night.


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