Nothing really opens up for quite an entrance than an ensemble full of horns, specifically trumpets. Flint Eastwood wants to make the ground shake as she makes her name known with “Queen“.

Ladies and gentlemen, the queen has surely arrived. None demand the spotlight as much as Flint Eastwood does with this anthem. Yes, anthem. This young musician from Detroit doesn’t shy away, in fact, this is a proclamation that there is a new act in town that will take the reigns of pop-superstardom. Step aside, Ariana.Her debut was just released 3 days ago but so much heat, despite the cloudy weather of January, has ever been raised from the pavements of fame. This track is powerful yet simplistic when broken down. All she needed was an ensemble of horns, a consistent beat that lets her showcase her vocal prowess, oh, and the guts to sing these lyrics. Although today was Inauguration Day in the U.S., we believe that the new beginnings lie with Flint Eastwood. We thought T.I. was crazy when he proclaimed himself the King of the South, but Flint Eastwood smirks because it might be self-proclaimed right now, but the world will soon know and remember her name. Go ahead and try to resist not listening to Flint Eastwood’s “Queen” below.


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