Anytime you put psychedelic and strange together, you definitely have our attention. Temples have peaked our interest when we first stumbled upon the track, “Strange or Be Forgotten“. Forget the fact that we love everything that is considered strange, we live and breathe what’s strange, but Tempest took it down a different path.

Strange or Be Forgotten“, you don’t have to listen to the song and you can automatically assume what the song will be about. Listening to the lyrics, we felt as if Tempest wrote this song specifically for We Sound Strange. We one-hundred percent agree, you’re either strange or run the risk of being forgotten. Think about it, everyone you know throughout history has been a little strange or have done something that others viewed as strange. Just to name a few “strange” people, Beethoven, Salvador Dali, Thomas Edison, Leonardo Da Vinci, the list can go on. Temples beautifully composes this track to fit their overall message, from the lively vocals, the natural feeling of the keyboards, the simplistic percussions to match the irony, the guitar melody to match the heavenly aura; this young band from the U.K. will definitely not be forgotten anytime soon.

This fits with the reason We Sound Strange was ever created; it wasn’t just to feature great music from otherwise unknown and up-and-coming artists. No, We Sound Strange is a movement to get people to start embracing the things that make them “strange”. Happiness is what makes the world go ’round. There’s a reason people don’t feel like they are being themselves or even feel the pressure of individuality, it’s because they are too busy being someone else to please others. We feel the pressure to be someone, someone that needs to leave a legacy behind. Be who you desire to be and be with people who share those same interests, don’t wallow or succumb to the pressure of the world. As Temples cleverly put, “be strange or be forgotten”.


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