Who doesn’t love an Ed Sheeran song these days. It’s only natural that many prominent and up-and-coming DJ’s would remix  his songs to add their own twist to already popular songs. What we have here is the ever-awesome Jupe and Awoltalk teaming up to remix Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You“.

This remix is everything that we expect from a Jupe classic but we are intrigued with the partnership of Awoltalk because we don’t know too much of this DJ and what he brings to the table. We weren’t surprised that we were going to love this song but we listened to the difference in this song than all the others of Jupe; we see Awoltalk add a sense of island vibes. We really dig this new sound and we hope that this isn’t the only time we see these two pair up, heck even do a live set together soon. For now, we have this dope remix to tend to and listen the heck out of. Enjoy!




One thought on “Jupe and Awoltalk pair up to remix Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You”

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