Guess who’s back?! Darn, sorry, we didn’t mean to make you think it was Slim Shady. Well, this news is just as good. The Gift is back with their newest single, “Clinic Hope“.

The Alternative-pop quartet from Portugal have been away for quite some time but “Clinic Hope” is just the track to put them back on the map. Nothing like dipping back to the 10980’s to appeal to people’s sense of nostalgia. “Clinic Hope” reeks of 80’s one-hit wonder sound but that’s what makes The Gift so unique, they are so musically broad that they have the ability to do it. This takes us back to the Take On Me music video by A-Ha and we feel like we are living in a 2-Dimensional drawing. The keyboard melody is so catchy for us to hum along while doing the Carlton dance with joy. We have yet to listen to the rest of the album but we are excited to see what direction the whole album takes. For now, we are satisfied to just sing along with The Gift and bang along with the drums. Click below to hear for yourself.


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