First thought that popped in our head when we first listened to Saint Raymond’s Oh Brother” was that it sounds like a fusion of American Authors, Mumford and Sons, and Bastille.

There are many similarities, but the vocals especially; if we were to close our eyes and imagine a concert in our head, we would feel that Bastille is right in front of us. By no means is this a dig at Saint Raymond because we love each of the aforementioned artists. On the contrary, we are saying that Saint Raymond has every bit of talent to succeed as these have already. I would not be surprised to see them open for any of these artists in the future, that’s how much we believe in Saint Raymond. “Oh Brother” is just an example of their songwriting abilities and the way they can find a connection with everyday people like us. We want you all to do something for us, we want you to listen to “Oh Brother” below and close your eyes. Let your imagination run wild and construct your own concert in your mind. Jim Morrison did this for his first two albums with The Doors; imagination takes you as far as you want to take it.


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