Surfer Blood, you sly devil you, you just had to remind us that Summer is still months away. Well, like you said, it’s just a “Matter of Time“. This band has already established themselves as the Surf Rock/Indie band of Florida but they have their sights set to spread across to the next coast.

They plan to be your go-to band when you are getting your things ready to hit your nearest beach. Think Beach Boys in the 50’s and early 60’s, that’s the band you will play in your car with your best friends where your entire day involves beach, beer and babes/hunks. “Matter of Time” has everything you need to rock out and feel the sensation of a cool breeze. It contains the Surf Blues bass that reminds you of the Golden Oldies but it comes paired with vocals that razzle dazzle you into your cool guy persona. Let us tell you the best part; the guitar is eccentric and razor-sharp when it cuts to both solos. It’s as if their guitarist has fifteen fingers, that’s how detailed and quick he is hitting his notes. Allow us to throw in our first “dude” in this post but dude, this song kicks ass and its a “Matter of Time” you jam out with Surfer Blood before Summer begins.


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