justice j cole.jpg

Just when I thought Justice Skolnik gave us a freaking masterpiece with his cover of Estelle’s American Boy last month, earlier this week, he releases his cover of one of J. Cole’s precious underground tracks from The Sideline Story, “Lights Please“.

Gosh, this is one of my favorite tracks ever from J. Cole,  so I was skeptical to see that Justice Skolnik remixed it, and behold, another Electronic classic from Justice; I shouldn’t even be surprised at this point. The amount of talent this young DJ possesses is truly unfair for the rest of the world that is trying to make a name for themselves as a DJ or producer. The remix keeps the hook of the original track along with the dopest verse. Man, Justice, you have all the synthetic waves and tone manipulations work at ease for you that it seems as if you’re not even trying anymore because it comes so natural to you. Don’t get me started on the clever little sounds of the xylophone! I cannot get enough of this song, just take this award for best remix of 2017 so far from We Sound Strange. If you don’t believe me, take a listen for yourself below.


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