Amir Tataloo is already a huge name, especially anywhere near his hometown in Tehran, Iran. Amir can do it all: he raps, he sings, he writes and in any genre, the man does it all. Little by little his name is starting to grow here in North America and we feel that “Timar” is the track to do blow it up.

As we have done earlier this month, we wrote a blog post for Lenny Tavarez whose song was in a foreign language. We Sound Strange knows no bounds and we don’t wanna know.  Timar is in a different language than English but nonetheless, its a catchy song that captures the spirit of Dance and Pop music. It corporates both to coexist in the realms of a good time. Also, Amir sings beautifully in what we believe to be Persian, but don’t quote on us yet. Nevertheless, we still get lost in his voice as he really charms you into a state of adoration. This song will resonate in your head the entire weekend. “Timar” is most certainly our favorite track to be bumping this weekend and we apologize in advance to our neighbors. Oh well, thank you Amir for providing us our new jam. Go ahead and listen in for yourself.



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