Electronic music nowadays is all about happy go-lucky type of vibes and feeling good emotions. What happens when you flip the script and bring dark and heavy insanity? What if the script is flipped yet again where this darkness is being brought upon by love? Ramsey challenges what you know about electronic music today and dares you to listen to the other side of what it can bring with “Love Surrounds You“. With lyrics such as “Eat my sin, turn me white”, it is no wonder this song can be seen as very disturbing and controversial. Let Ramsey paint you a picture, “Peel my skin, put it on and let my shape consume you. I go limp while you creep and crawl through every tissue”. Vivid description and psychological mind-shaping when those lyrics crawl and consume your ears. Now, allow me to blow your mind. The script was never flipped, it was just shown a different path that it very rarely taken. Love is above all and we all want it to consume it. A typical love story told by an edgy artist, Ramsey.


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