Hermosa Beach California is proud to be home to the exceptionally talented singer/songwriter, Jane Fishman. This young artist has recently released a beautiful cover to the Amy Winehouse classic, “Valerie“. We must say, dare to be bold Jane Fishman, covering Amy Winehouse is no easy  feat but we feel Amy would be proud if she heard your amazing rendition.

Believe it or not, this young starlet is still in her teen years but she is already making a name for herself in the South Bay music scene by performing in many popular local venues such as The Lighthouse, The Deck, and outdoor Summer concerts in Manhattan Beach with the band, Soul on Tap. We’ve had the pleasure of seeing her perform on stage and we were all blown away by the vocal prowess she possesses and her sweet charisma as she commanded the spotlight. Did we mention that she also plays the keyboard? Talk about the whole package and she hasn’t even hit her prime yet!

Back to her cover; Jane slows down the original tempo of “Valerie” to give it an extra ounce of soul. We all know Amy Winehouse pours out her heart in every song she’s sang and Jane does a good job of capturing that emotion, that essence of wanting to be loved and heard. Just like Amy Winehouse, all she needs is her voice and a smooth acoustic guitar to showcase what real talent can do. We are excited to see what the future holds for Jane Fishman because we firmly believe that the sky is the limit and stardom is coming sooner than we all think. Listen to her amazing cover of Amy Winehouse’s “Valerie” below and you will not be disappointed.


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