Right now, Seattle is preoccupied with the NFL playoffs and their beloved Seahawks as they try their best to earn another Superbowl title. The 12th man will definitely be heard around CenturyLink Field, but wouldn’t it be surreal if Seattle’s own Dmise can provide even more sound for the 12th man. Check this out: “Wonked” is that insanity and reckless sound that is known around Seattle and their home games.

Imagine, under the bright lights you listen to Dmise instill fear and doubt into the opponents’ minds. “Wonked” has the makings of the classic punch-your-face type of sound and attitude. As the bass drops, the magnitude would not surprise me to equal that of a small earthquake because of the ear-shattering power Dmise’s music has. Picture that going on in the heads of the opponent of the  Seattle Seahawks; boy, talk about slight advantage. See picture above: it is out of control wild with no restrictions. Seattle has to be proud to have another great artist in the making with Dmise. Don’t take our word for it, listen to “Wonked” and tell us that after listening to it you don’t want to wonk something. Yes, we’ve turned “Wonked” into a completely different word than that of Webster’s Dictionary. Go ahead, Urban dictionary that shit.





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