Quest quest

Now that all of the holiday season hoorah is just about over, we can finally get back to an insanity that we are more comfortable with. No, we are not talking about fighting for the last leftover tamale or that last piece of pie. We are talking about letting out our insanity within that only music can release. As the title suggests, Quest brings insanity back to action with his new dubstep track, “Fall Control“. It has that hard-hitting drop that can cause whiplash, which we don’t recommend, trust us, it’s not fun. What we do suggest is this: headbang, throw elbows, stomp your feet, anything and everything that lets your inner beast loose. “Fall Control” is such an adrenaline rush that can match that of a 45-second rollercoaster or those 2 cans of Red Bull. Piece it all together and you fill find yourself diving deeper and deeper into the madness of Quest and the insanity he is excited to be releasing upon you. Give yourself a rush today by listening to “Fall Control”.


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