Not many DJ’s have built themselves such an astounding reputation in such little time. This is the raw talent that Jai Wolf shows with all of the music he has been producing lately. This budding DJ is putting blood, sweat and tears with each ounce of creativity he pours into each day. Such a quick rise to fame is not for nothing; recently being able to see him live 2 months ago in Hollywood and he dropped a preview for “Like It’s Over ft MNDR” was jaw-dropping. We are excited to say he is coming back to Hollywood this Spring and we expect this performance to be even better than the last.

MNDR holds it down as well; she gives a marvelous performance on this track as it feels the dedication of Jai Wolf rubs off on her and she pours it all out in this track. The vocals reverberate from the speakers and gave us all chills the first time we heard it. I really hope she tours with Jai Wolf as this is the perfect pairing that should make history. Believe us when we say the hairs on the back of your neck will stand when you listen to “Like It’s Over ft. MNDR” from Jai Wolf.


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