Coming straight from Melbourne, Australia is the newest Chill, Indie trio Stonefox and their single, “Hands of Gold“. We felt this was the perfect song to help you vibe and chill out your New Year’s Eve night before the storm of epic adventures begin for you. Heck, if at 12:01 you are feeling the need to mellow out and relax from yelling your lungs out, we suggest “Hands of Gold“, as well as a throat lozenge. This cool and calming sound resonates from two guitars that strum  what sounds like a semi-mute note that is side-by-side sharing the mellow touch of the drums. Lest not us forget the angelic-like vocals that, though they may say “Hands of Gold” may not exist, they pulled out their best persuasion tactic to make us fall in love with the idea. Give in to the thought that there is something special about a New Year’s Eve night because if you believe in it, magical moments do exist. Stonefox is here to get you in the right mood to expect it. Listen now to “Hands of Gold” below.


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