“Your sweet, sweet love brought the color back into my life”. “Sugar, Honey” has been out for a bit but we thought we need to give this track the praise it deserves. With lyrics such as the aforementioned, we can’t help but melt with the words that Eklo sings so beautifully.


“Sugar, Honey” has two great mixes that make it something that should’ve blown up the day it came out. It takes the chill, island vibe that Eklo is known for, but he’s taken that Reggae vibe and turned it into a fun electronic track that can enjoyed by fans of both. When you can enjoy the best of both worlds, no one is ever complaining of having more of a good thing. It’s good to listen to the guitar being utilized as he always did before, but we also hear a bit of the bamboo flute that really takes on the island feel again. This time, it’s the bridge that keeps the chorus together.
We just want true, honest music that comes from the heart get the recognition is deserves. Music is not supposed to feel like work or worse, forced. Music should be regarded as something special that unites people and can allow you to express your true feelings that perhaps you can’t really show. “I’m not playing scared, this is my heart. You got it in your hands but it feels safe right from the start”. Eklo is such a talented musician and songwriter that We Sound Strange is honored to have Sugar, Honey bumping through our speakers. So if you want just one taste of that sweet sugar and honey, give Eklo a try and listen to music that speaks to the heart.  


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