We thought we would pay homage to the city that has brought many musicians fame and fortune but has also chewed them up and spit them out. Moving to Los Angeles is a high-risk high-reward for any out-of-townees who want to make a name for themselves in the music scene. Love You Later can speak from experience as they release their new single “Lost In Los Angeles” from their upcoming album.


We understand that times have changed and everything is done on the internet, people make a living by uploading their music and having people from around the world listen to their music. It’s not not like back then when musicians like Axl Rose or Nikki Sixx can move to the Sunset Strip, hook up with a band and start touring in Hollywood and Los Angeles to make a name for themselves. With all this said, we are firm believers that great connections are still able to be made in this city to be discovered. Love You Later is taking baby steps into making it big time but nevertheless, we feel they have the talent to do so.
Their music has depth and it can speak to many who have gone through the experience themselves. “Lost In Los Angeles” speaks volume no just to struggling musicians hoping to make it big in L.A., but it speaks to everyone who feels lost and needs guidance on making it through their own obstacles. This track is so peaceful and beautifully made to make the listeners find comfort in knowing they are not alone and are not the only ones feeling lost. We are very excited to see the path that Love You Later decides to take on their way up the music industry. Listen to “Lost In Los Angeles” and know what We Sound Strange and Love You Later is going through.




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