We can all agree that “Om Telolet Om” is dance music’s latest obsession. This single phrase has taken over all of social media, including the pages of many DJ’s. These include: Martin Garrix, Marshmello, Zedd, etc. This common phrase from Indonesia has taken over the end of 2016. There are even songs now committed to the phrase/craze and the most notable one comes from Oddish.


Our first reaction as we caught news of this was “Damn! This DJ is not only using the recent craze of “Om Telolet Om” to skyrocket to mainstream media but he’s using the summer craze as his DJ name as well, Oddish”. Well, we were wrong on the name aspect. Not to our surprise, the song is very simplistic and catchy to the general listener as it is deep house but with not too much creativity. Oddish uses the basic drum kit and tempo that are used in lot of deep house songs and the bass is as generic as it comes. Along with constant sound being used throughout the entire song, the phrase “Om Telolet Om” is being spoken over and over again. This song, we guess, was made within a couple of hours as this song literally came out within two days of the social media craze.
We still see it everywhere, even IG comedy pages are cashing in on the phrase; acts such as Lele Pons, Hannah Stocking, etc. We must admit, Oddish is a marketing genius for being quick with the trigger and releasing this song amidst the fascination. If out of curiosity you wanted to check out the song for yourself, above you will find Oddish and his deep house track, “Om Telolet Om”.  



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