Ever heard people say: “I don’t need weed to get high, I get high on life”. Music can provide you with such a multi-dimensional high that no outside force can penetrate the psychological flight your mind has taken. Woodstock was the perfect example of people leaving their bodies and escaping to a reality that only music can bring them. The New Mystics bring you a gift with “Sparrows”.
Think of the old psychedelic band America; New Mystics have take the essence of America and revolutionized the psychological journey they take you on by mystifying you with their ethereal vocals and their deep metaphorical lyrics. “Sparrows” is such an inviting way of telling their listeners to say goodbye to the reality they knew and embark on a journey that only the New Mystics can provide. As this post is being written, it may not be the person doing the writing but the New Mystics music that has taken over our fingers and laid the foundation of a great post to highlight a magnificent song in “Sparrows”. Believe in the power of music and the natural high it can give to you. Partake in the journey with the New Mystics as you listen to “Sparrows”.


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